Friday, November 27, 2015

  These Rules Apply to All of our Clone Classes, Jr's. & Sr's.

PRO CLONE LITE - 325 lbs. min
PRO CLONE MEDIUM - 350 lbs. min

PRO CLONE  HEAVY - 400 lbs min (driver must weigh 200 lbs)
There will be a Professional Tech here 
occasionaly so we strongly suggest all racers 
come ready to race with a legal engine.  

2014 AKRA pro clone engine rules apply

The only motors allowed in this class are Single
cylinder, 2 valve, 6.5 (196cc) Over Head
Valve (OHV) 4 cycles (CLONE ONLY) such as: the
Harbor Freight blue clone, the Grayhound, BaHa
TSC motor & the oringal box stock project.

Combustion Chamber: 26.5 (CC) cubic centimeter
minimum, with piston @ Top Dead Center (Tdc)

Cylinder Head Requirements:  Must be oem casting
    only.  Porting & or grinding are not permitted.  Valve
    seats are two angles 45° valve face & 30° top relief. 
    Intake seat maximum Inside Diameter (ID) .897". 
    Exhaust seat maximum ID .862".  Outside face of
    valve may not be below floor of the combustion
    chamber (Don't sink the valves.) 
Stock head bolts
    only, must have four.  Head gasket or gaskets are
    allowed.  Head gasket thickness is a NON-TECH item,
    however the Depth Check between the valves from
    front to back & side to side may not vary by more
    than .005". 
Any stock configuration exhaust gasket
    allowed (no sealer.) Max. Stroke is 2.123" + .010"
    or - .005".  Matting surface finish of block and
    cylinder head is NON-TECH item, surfacing of both to
    correct gasket failure & meet cc check allowed
    however, no piston pop out is allowed.  May use 2 
    stock side cover gaskets.  Stub for govenor may be
    removed and hole plugged.  No machining of block
    allowed except on top of cylinder to meet cc check. 
    Welding to the block shall be for rod damage
    repair ONLY and may not constitute a functional
Carburetor Requirements:  Huayi or Rui*ing model carbs
    only.  Carb to intake sealer is gasket only, no sealer
    allowed.  Choke must be intact as supplied from 
    factory, but may be fixed to stay in open position. 
    Venturi .615" No-Go.  Rear carb bore. .751" No-Go. 
    Main fuel jet .042" No-Go.  Low speed idle jet is a
    NON-TECH item.
  Stock emulsion tube must be used
    and unaltered, .066" max ID (no pass through.)  Side 
    holes in E-Tube: 4 holes max in bottom section and
    20 holes max in top section.  Min. E-Tube length is
  Throttle shaft - .115" minimum.  Butterfly -
    .027" Min.  Aftermarket air filter adaptor allowed 
    (Max ength of 1.375".)

Air Filter:  K&N style air filter allowed.  Maximum
    length is 4 inches long.  No type of air catcher is
    allowed.  All air filters must be fastened using a
    hose clamp.  All prefilters must be strapped
    air filter with either an elastic band or zip ties
    depending on which type of prefilter you are 
    using note: if either one falls off once the race
    has started. caution will come out and you will go to the back.

Valve Train:  Stock valve cover only with any stock
    config. gasket, no sealer.  Factory stock rocker arms 
    1:1 ratio & push rods only.  Stock valves with only a
    45° angle on either valve.   Intake valve Max OD
    .982" +/- .005" & Exhaust valve Max OD .948" +/-
    .005", no modifications allowed.  (Installed height
    for valve springs .815", must be checked by using the 
    .815" spring must go gauge with retainer seal in place
    on intake and exhaust valve if used.) 
    check procedure as follows - Remove valve spring,
    reinstall spring retainer, insert .815" must go gauge
    in spring location.  Gauge must go in both locations
    Intake & Exhaust with any allowed retainers in place,
    as raced, during check procedure.  Max wire
    diameter on spring wire is .071" with a maximum
    tension of 10.8 lbs. at a height of .850".  Lash cap
    on Exhaust valve only.  Valve stem seal allowed on
    Intake & Exhaust valve, maximum lip thickness of
    .027".  Minimum thickness of Intake retainer .230",
    Exhaust retainer .250". 
Box stock lifters only, no
    modifications allowed.

Ignition System:  Kill switch and low oil sensor may be
    disabled and removed.  Must use stock ignition 
    module.  A flat washer or spacer maybe ran between
    the flywheel & the nut.  2013 AKRA RULES APPLY 

Piston & Rings:  Must be unaltered Box Stock only.  No
    machining of piston and or rings allowed. 

Connecting Rod:  Must be unaltered Box Stock rod or
    billet rod of stock length if desired. 
No machining 
    of any type allowed.  Must also run stock rod bolts

Crankshaft Requirements:  Must be unaltered Box Stock
    crankshaft.  Machining, polishing, addition of
    material or other alteration of crankshaft is strictly
    prohibited.  Stock factory timing gear mandatory and
    be installed in original location.  Crankshaft journal
    diameter is 1.180" Max - 1.168" Min.

Camshaft Requirements:  Must run Box stock cam or
    CL-1 cam if desired.  Duration check for Intake &
    Exhaust lobes (taken off pushrod.)   

    •  Intake duartion of 219° @ .50 lift/86° @ .200 lift. 
    Exhaust duartion of 222° @ .50 lift/97° @ .200 lift.  
    •  Max Intake lift on cam .225" - Min .215" lift taken 
    at the push rod.  Max Intake lift at the valve .238"
    taken on valve spring retainer with zero lash. 
    •  Max Exhaust lift on cam .232" - Min .222" lift taken
    at the push rod.  Max Exhaust lift at the valve .242"
    taken on valve spring retainer with zero lash. 
    (To achieve zero valve lash for checking running left,
    preload dial indicator by .001")

Blower Housing Assembly:  Pull starter may or maynot
    be used.  If used pull starter may be rotated for a
    better crank angle.  If an electric starter is going to
    be used the pull starter may be removed however a
    flywheel screen MUST be added.

Header & Muffler:  Any header staged or non staged
    may be used with the exception of no looped
    headers.  RLV small whole muffler must be
    attached to the header, with  all baffles in place.  
    Muffler must be supported by
    a clamped on brace, safety wired from the
    exhaust end or welded together (if welded
    together be prepaired for it to be cut off by Tech
    if they need to.)  Header & muffler must stay 
    atleast 1/2" inside all body and bumper lines.   
    Header wrap must be used and securely
    fastened in place and wrapped from the exhaust
    flange to the muffler in JR. CLASSES only prior
    to entering the track.  Adult classes may wrap
    header if desired.  (This is strictly for safety to
    protect our lil guys & gals, not to single anyone

Fuel Tank Requirements:  Floor mounted fuel tanks
    are mandatory
, stock tank must be removed (This 
    is another safety issue to prevent gas leakage on
    exhaust and ignition & prevent the chance of fires
    on a roll over situation.)  Pulse type fuel pump

Fuel Pump Requirements:  Fuel pump must be pulsed
    from either the crank case or the valve cover.  You
    may install a top plate in the original tank location
    for the purpose of mounting the throttle linkage &
    fuel pump.

Fuel Requirements:  You must run pump gas only with
    no additives, 87 octanes ONLY  There could be an
    electornic fuel tester or syringe style used to test
    fuel on any given night.

Clutches:  Stamped steel drum shoe type clutch or disc 
    clutch maybe ran
in these classes.  If you choose to
    run a disc clutch, you may run upto a 2 disc.  No 3
    disc or higher clutches allowed in clone classes.

Tire Requirements:  You must run BURRIS tires.  Any
    compound of burris tire is acceptable as long as they
    are slicks.  No treaded tires will be allowed, this
    includes any grooving notching etc.


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